CEO and Founder
Prowess House : India & Canada

Prowess.House (Art,Culture,Literature,Music,Theater,Aesthetic)
There are only two ways of living – either utility oriented life or aesthetic driven passion. The all encompassing arms of Prowess House come like the surround sound of all that is aesthetic, serving the muses in all possible manners that includes all the visual and the performing arts. It arrives with total devotion to the service of aesthetic and is dedicated to spread the fragrance of the same universally. It arrives loaded with all the energy, zeitgeist and the skill needed to serve the demands of creative beauty of the entire aesthetic universe. Right from publication to performance, it is dedicated to all forms of beauty – printed, painted, photographed and performing languages!

Prowess.House :Publication (2015-2016)
Fear and The Frightened (The Poetry Anthology)
Skylights (English Novel) on Male Exploitation in Indian Diaspora)
Coffee Table book (The Poems in Marble the Delwada Splendor)

Ruchi’s Speakers Academy is a Center for Personality Development.
We offer Programmes on Public Speaking, Communication Skills,Personality Development, Inter personal Relationship,Presentation Skills
The programmes aims to develop self-confidence, communication skills and to express oneself at all levels in today’s competitive world, it has been observed that many people, through having talents, capabilities and qualifications do not come up in life as they lack others mentioned ingredients.
These programmes will not only help people to develop their power of expression and build healthy human relationships, but also build up their personal worth and dignity.